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Life of Theoz

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Life of Theoz is about me, Theodor Haraldsson. This summer, I made my debut as an music artist. During the whole summer I´ve had a film team with me following every step in order to create my first original Series. You´ll get behind the scenes material from my Summer Tour in Sweden and getting a closer look at when we created the music video for the song “HET”. You will get front row tickets to my birthday party and a lot more in a new format you´ve never seen from me before. I hope you all will love it. This is from me to you :)

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Last day of school and I say goodbye to everyone in Linköping and pack my bags for the Summer Tour. First stop is Solna where I will perform the single Lately at Parkfestivalen.  

Me and the rest of the crew are travelling to Kiruna for the next concert. You will see when we are going to the Ice Hotel, trying a tree top adventure, visiting a dog kennel and follow me backstage… 

It's my Birthday and we are doing a lot of fun activities like taking a ride in a sports car, trying Body Flight and much more with my friends and family.  

Follow me behind the scenes when we are recording the music video for “HET” and have the entire Gröna Lund for ourselves. I meet new friends and combine hard work with just having a great day.  

In this episode you´ll be able to see how everything works behind the scenes when I’m visiting different live broadcast TV-shows. 

The Summer Tour continues and in this episode we arrive in Eskilstuna, Parken Zoo to perform at the biggest stage so far on the tour. I also meet Samir Badran and Sigrid and cuddling with some cute… 

I’m having some time off from the tour and spending time with my family doing fun activities in Stockholm.

Grand finale of my Summer Tour. I have shows in Borås in front of over 5,000 (!) fans and have another one in my hometown of Linköping. I will also summarize this fantastic summer!