Björn Frantzén’s Exclusive Online Cooking Class On Starflow


Björn Frantzén’s Exclusive Online Cooking Class On Starflow

​Master chef Björn Frantzén, the winner of the 2019 Best Chef Award and holder of three stars in Guide Michelin, now launches his first online cooking class.

In 11 episodes, we are introduced to several of Björn’s signature dishes served in his restaurants over the years - and skills and specialties where the fundamentals can be applied to other dishes.

“It’s a great pleasure for me to use this cooking class to share everything I have learned in my 25 years, especially the basic skills that have given me so much joy,” says Björn Frantzén.

Cooking Class by Björn Frantzén offers a unique opportunity to cook with a master chef whose lastest Stockholm restaurant, Frantzén, is the first in Sweden to be awarded three stars in Guide Michelin.

“We are extremely proud to present this collaboration. Björn has not only made an enormous impression on the Swedish food scene but has also been hugely successful internationally”, says David Gabor, CEO and founder of Starflow.

Björn Frantzén
Björn is an innovator and incredibly meticulous, constantly questioning norms and always aiming for overflowing enjoyment. He was born in 1977 and belongs to a new young generation of successful chefs totally dedicated to their craft. Björn remembers when he was 12 years old and was treated to a perfectly cooked steak with French fries and bearnaise sauce. It was a powerful introduction to food and proved to be an inspiration years later in his career.

Starflow’s launch of Björn Frantzén, Richard Juhlin and Per Morberg, is the start of a major kickoff in gastronomy on the platform.

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