06. Blanc de Noirs

A French term, white of black, meaning a white wine from blue grapes. Blue grapes with clear grape flesh and grape juice can be obtained after minimal contact with the skins. Which gives a white wine, whose color is offset by a small amount of red pigment and gives bright shades of yellow, is often described as white-yellow, white, gray or gold-colored. Numerous in Champagne you encounter more often in a number of houses that have been following Bollinger which produces one of the region's icon wines, ’Cuvée Vieilles Vignes Française’. Many today present a prestigious wine with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier or a mixture of the two. Although Bollinger's wine is world-famous for its intense wealth and rich character, this has more to do with how the grapes are planted and when they are harvested rather than it is just a blanc de noirs. ✓ The blanc de noirs background ✓ The icons ✓ The blanc de noirs characteristics ✓ RJs top-ten blanc de noirs champagnes ✓ The Champagnes tasted

Richard Juhlin
Duration:12 minutes1 second
Subtitles:English, Swedish, Chinese
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