13. Champagne Hiking

What is Champagne Hiking? TheChampagne Sommelier asked the simple question to Richard; We know that you went around the world drinking Champagnes in the most magnificent places you can imagine, but can you tell us what Champagne Hiking really is?The simple answer is that it is a Champagne picnic in nature. The more detailed answer isthat it is primarily about an interaction of all external factors that affect a champagne experience. Champagne Hiking is a concept in which I neither delve into the chemistry of the fragrance world nor in the origin of wine or its gastronomic merits, but instead devotemyself to the external factors of the wine expeience. Wine has recently become a over-analyzed science, but there is an important basic forgotten aspect. Let's call it "the wine environment", or even better "the microclimates of the taste occasion". I dare to say that this "microclimate" is just as important for the wine experience as the design of the glass and the wine's gastronomic company. The same wine can taste very different depending on context, company and environment. I think most people have been involved in tasting a local wine during the holiday trip that tasted so excellent in place that you bought with them some bottles of home. Once at home you do not recognize the wine at all. The wine appears as a pale shadow of the beauty that was shown when it was drunk in place in harmony with the scents of nature in its original environment. ✓ The concept ✓ Top 100 spots in the world & The 100 best champagnes in the world ✓ The Champagnes tasted

Richard Juhlin
Duration:14 minutes1 second
Subtitles:English, Swedish, Chinese
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