10. Old Champagne

Champagne’s immense storage capacity is one of the factors that divides the area’s wine from other districts. When, as a tourist, you visit the big houses, you often learn that champagne is a perishable item that cannot withstand storage after disgorging. Most people in Champagne drink their oldies newly disgorged, but a large number love champagne when it is aged in the English way, i.e., several years after the disgorging. The richness of normal disgorged old champagne may be unparalleled. The bouquet is developed and rich in fruit thanks to the large amount of esters and aldehydes formed by the contact with the minimum amount of oxygen between wine and cork. Even the dosage plays an important role in the development of new aromas during longtime bottle storage after disgorging. The process is called réaction de maillard, which means that the sugar reacts with the amino acids in the wine and gives roasted, honey tender, and vanilla-like flavors. It is with a portion of risk that you should buy really old champagne, but if the cork sits tightly and the wine has been stored well, you can get an experience beyond the ordinary. Perfectly aged champagnes have a honeyed, exotic bouquet with hints of coffee and chocolate. The flavor easily becomes caramelized and rich with a sense of increased sweetness. ✓ The old champagne background ✓ Old & recent disgorgements ✓ Auction wines? ✓ The millennium tasting? ✓ RJs best old champagnes ✓ The Champagnes tasted

Richard Juhlin
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