08. Rosé Champagne

Hand on the heart, would you let your newborn son be dressed in pink? Will you proudly court with a bouquet of pink roses on his graduation day? Hardly! No color is so highly valued and gender-controlled as the romantic and soft-cream color pink. I just need to go to myself. I have never ever bought a pink gadget, but have always been knee-weak by rosy blondes who dressed themselves in pink creations. There is also nothing more sensual than pink lips. I also get a quirky expectant feeling in my stomach when the Japanese cherry trees are in full spring bloom. The pink leader jersey in the Giro d’Italia is anything but silly and Sicilian tanned macho men in Palermo have the Italian league's finest sweaters in light cream pink. The Pink Panther is my favorite animal and overall! What about pink Champagne? Is it only a silly Champagne for night clubs & beach clubs on the Riviera? ✓ The rosé background ✓ The different styles of rosé champagne ✓ The icons ✓ List of rosé from all the houses ✓ RJs top-ten rosé champagnes ✓ The Champagnes tasted

Richard Juhlin
Duration:9 minutes20 seconds
Subtitles:English, Swedish, Chinese
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