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My name is Julien, I'm a magician and a father. I have been performing Magic for the last 25 years. If I turned back time to when I was a lonely teenager in the suburbs of Paris, doing tricks to get friends and accepted in school… I could not even dream of this future. I was admitted into the world's oldest magic school ”Chavez studio of magic” in Los Angeles and the door to the world of magic was open. Today I’ve been touring around the world several times performing magic for Kings and Queens and won all the major magic competitions,including ”Merlin Award” Best stage magic in Europe. Today I reach 100 millions of fans in the most distant of places through my social medias. What I love the most about magic is to see the eyes of a person that experience magic for the first time, that's why i wanted to start a magic school and motivate you to do the same - spread love and happiness around the world, through magic.


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