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We are Iza & Elle, identical twins, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden in the year of 2005. We love dance, football (soccer), fashion, to travel, visit new places, meet new people and off course Social Media. It all started when we found the app Musical.ly, now called TikTok in the spring of 2016 and we really loved the app from day one. There we started to post synchronized dances and loved it. At Musical.ly we really got to be creative, both with the dance but also did we learn how to edit and to do better and better videos. The same year we also started our YouTube channel and Instagram account. It seemed like people really appreciated our content and It all went pretty quick for us, and today, two years later we have over 5 Million “Friends all over the world” combined in our different Social Media Channels and our own web shop with merchandise. We are so glad that we decided to start all our accounts and it have given us so many wonderful opportunity’s and fun and exciting experiences such as collaborations with different companies, interviews in magazines and podcasts as well as performances on television. Here at Starflow we would like to invite you to share those experiences with us, you will find exclusive material only posted here and we start off with a series of 6 episodes were you can follow us during our summer of 2018.


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