Funding the creative economy

Starflow is empowering a world of creative minds. We provide the infrastructure that enables creators to focus on creating and capitalize on their knowledge, passions and creations. Our mission is to help every creator in the world with the ability to live off their art.

STAR Token Sale

2,200 ETH
Hard Cap 50,217 ETH
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Meet Starflow

Starflow is a next-generation evolution for creators and creative minds. Key to this is the ability to control, own and monetize one’s own premium content (including videos, series, podcasts, classes and more).

Starflow has raised $2.9m in venture capital to date, and have rolled out its platform to over one hundred creators around the world.


The infrastructure for creative minds

Starflow works for every creator

Introducing STAR & Blockchain

The new, decentralized payment standard & infrastructure for online content creators.

Faster Payments

Contracts are designed and enforced to eliminate or add third party approvals, reference external facts, or be completed at a future date or time for a fraction of the time, which means creators can get paid instantly.

Eliminated Costs

As a means of exchange between fans and creators, STAR provides a frictionless form of exchange between fans and creators for content purchases and incentives, reducing a lof of transaction costs and fees.

Ownership & Control

Creators spend time & money on their art. We serve as pure infrastructure, which means they retain 100% ownership. With blockchain, we offer a decentralized & secure data storage solution for creators and their art.

Starflow's Technology

Starflow is reinvigorating the creative economy by streamlining the entire process from content distribution and monetization, to consumption. By deploying blockchain technology to store value, purchase, content and profile data, we are empowering a world of creative minds to get paid, and for the first time actually own their art.

We are on the blockchain because it's the only solution that offers a decentralized and secure data storage solution for creators. Since Starflow is building the financing mechanism and payment infrastructure for every creator in the world, it cannot be stored using conventional methodologies that can be hacked or are vulnerable to malicious intent. The blockchain enables attestablity to the first-party data that is being leveraged in our platform.

We believe in full transparency and the safety of your data.

Overview & Token Allocation

Offering a STAR token sale instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in Starflow’s success story, rather than limiting it to a small, selected number of traditional venture capital funds. STAR function as utility token, strengthening relationships in between all participants and ensuring long term activities on the platform. It will also ensure that Starflow will be valued and appreciated based on our own performance rather than that of others. Below is an overview over the structure of STAR and the token sale.

1/3500 ETH

Will be sold during the Token Sale and these funds will be retained by Starflow to develop and build the Starflow platform.


Will be retained by Starflow for the Rewards Program to incentivize the community and spread the word about Starflow.


Will be retained by Starflow as an asset to bring value to the core team of Starflow, with a one year lock up period.


Will be distributed to all of the advisors whom are helping Starflow to become a success, with a one year lock up period.

Meet the team

  • David Gabor

    Founder & CEO

  • Ludvig Eriksson


  • Valeria Viana Gusmao

    Tech Lead

  • Ludwig Holm

    UX/UI Designer

  • Anelis Redzic

    Investor Relations Officer

  • Vladimir Gorshunov

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Denis Shtabnoy

    Web Developer

  • Adibbin Haider

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Frida Renlund

    Event Manager

  • Christian Dahl

    Creator Manager

David GaborFounder & CEO

Despite his age, David has more than 8 years of experience from entrepreneurship within design and development of disruptive digital products. At Starflow, David uses his past experience and UX/UI design and development skills to lead the visionary work alongside with the product development that brings the visions to life. At age 20, David has already raised over $3M to Starflow to bring his vision to the world.

Ludvig ErikssonCOO

For almost a decade Ludvig has been an integral part of building successful companies in the finance sector from scratch. At Starflow, Ludvig is using his skill set to ensure that Starflow’s great visions are transformed into action, by focusing on running the organization as effectively and qualitative as possible.

Valeria Viana GusmaoTech Lead

Valeria comes with more than 9 years of experience from full-stack web development, working with high-load platforms handling millions unique visitors a month. At Starflow, Valeria is making sure that high quality code will form the base of Starflow’s network, focusing mostly on making the user interface as friendly and intuitive as possible.

Ludwig HolmUX/UI Designer

Ludwig is an experienced digital designer with many recognised design projects in his portfolio, including companies such as Hyper Island, Stop LA, Garbergs and Oriflame. At Starflow, Ludwig is creating user interface design and experience with innovative and modern design, alongside with focus on creative features and solutions.

Anelis RedzicInvestor Relations Officer

Anelis has over ten years of experience in the investment management industry, investing in companies globally and co-managing funds with approx. $2,5bn in AUM. At Starflow, Anelis mission is to keep investors informed of whatever is going on inside the company. We believe in a simple and clear relationship building in real-time where honesty, consistency and knowledge is at the epicenter.

Vladimir GorshunovFull-Stack Developer

Vladimir has extensive experience from leading complex front-end projects for universities and interal admin panels. Furthermore, Vladimir has also been working on mobile and web apps for restaurants. At Starflow, Vladimir is working continually on improving front-end UX and UI alongside developing the mobile- and web app and back-end.

Denis ShtabnoyWeb Developer

Denis is an experienced frontend developer specialising mostly in creating web apps with React and mobile apps with React Native. His projects vary from interactive SVG map to sophisticated hybrid CRM app. At Starflow Denis is working on improvement and refinement a client side of an app, helping to bring it to the next level of perception.

Adibbin HaiderFull-Stack Developer

Adibbin has experience from teaching computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is also currently pursuing his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at KTH. At Starflow, Adibbin is applying his knowledge to the Starflow platform. He is mainly working continuously on improving the iOS application.

Frida RenlundEvent Manager

Frida has been working the last 5 years in the PR & Event industry. During the years she worked with some of the most recognized brands and hosted some of the most prestigious events in Stockholm during this time. At Starflow, Frida is responsible for planning all the events that Starflow will attend.

Christian DahlCreator Manager

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Meet the advisors & backers

  • Johan Staël von Holstein

    Early Backer & Advisor

  • Johan Sellström

    Technical Advisor

  • Eliot Robinson


  • Fredrik Wester

    Early Backer & Advisor

  • Johan Schotte


  • Erik Wikström


Johan Staël von HolsteinEarly Backer & Advisor

Johan is a notorious serial entrepreneur who has spent 20+ years challenging the status quo of numerous industries through digital innovation. At Starflow Johan is working with David by mentoring him and sharing his experience and network, helping to pave way for Starflow to become a true industry leader and success story.

Johan SellströmTechnical Advisor

Johan is a highly experienced developer and architect with a number of successful ventures in his portfolio. From previous engagements, he’s built an impressive network ranging from tech to BD. At Starflow, Johan provides innovative ideas and knowledge through tech, leaning on agile best practices from several blockchain projects since 2014.

Eliot RobinsonAdvisor

Orginially from Stockholm, Sweden, Eliot started his first social account in 2013 when he was high school. He has since grown the social media network to over 10M+ followers across all social platforms. Generating over 200M monthly impressions. The accounts are followed by celebrities such as: LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Shaquille O’Neal, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, P Diddy, Drake, and more. They have worked with world known brands such as: Nike, EA Sports, Gatorade, Warner Music and Western Union. One month after graduating high school he moved to New York City to join Gary Vaynerchuks agency VaynerMedia, as the youngest employee of one of the fastest growing digital agencies of all time. There he helped grow Gary’s brand on social and implement strategies to increase overall engagement and growth by over 300%. Previously, Eliot was responsible for representing and managing independent artist Bazanji. Leveraging connections and strategies in the social space he brought growth that translated into 6M+ streams on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Fredrik WesterEarly Backer & Advisor

Fredrik is the CEO and President of Paradox Interactive. Since 2003, he has built Paradox from a 7 man studio to an international Publisher with over 175 employees and another 10 partner companies (200 people) making games for them. On May 31, 2016, trading in Paradox Interactive commenced on Nasdaq First North. The initial price offering was 3.96 USD valuing the company at 420 million USD.

Johan SchotteAdvisor

Johan Schotte is Chairman and Founder of JOHAN SCHOTTE FOUNDATION based in Switzerland and in Washington, DC. JOHAN SCHOTTE FOUNDATION’s mission is to contribute to a lasting measurable impact in improving the human condition on the planet by fostering peace through education and innovation. Johan Schotte, who has successfully lead publicly-quoted and private companies, as well as professional investment funds and regulated investment management firms, serves on multiple international company boards and committees around the world to which he provides strategic advice. His international career, experience, and expertise of the last 39 years covers the banking, finance, real estate, media, entertainment, sports, crypto, civil society, and philanthropic sectors and industries.

Erik WikströmAdvisor

Erik has spent the last 20 years in the Media, Internet & VC industry. Building & investing in companies in Europe, US and Asia. His driving force is to create and build. Find new ideas and try to make them work. That is his idea of having fun.