Cooking Class

Cooking Class

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Very informative, inspiring, professionally made. Excellent supplementary materials.
This is simply perfection! I use lots of different online education options but this was my… 
One of the best cooks of the world sharing his art and making it simple. Best teacher, thank you.… 

11 Video Lessons

Make a huge improvement in the kitchen – during 11 in-depth video lessons, 3-star Michelin-chef Björn Frantzén, teaches you all the crucial steps to take your cooking to the next level.

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Do it yourself – download your favorite recipes with ingredients, flavor pairings, preparation and more. Everything you need to impress your next dinner guests!

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Cooking Class

Enter the kitchen of a 3-Star Michelin chef

In 11 in-depth video lessons, Masterchef Björn Frantzén will teach you how to elevate your cooking into Michelin Star quality. Björn will show you some of his signature dishes with a wide variety of ingredients. You will learn his philosophies in the kitchen with everything from techniques, flavor pairings, plating, tips and much more. Take your cooking to the next level with the winner of “The Best Chef in the World 2019".

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3 min


From idea to world class – in just a couple of years time, Björn Frantzen has moved his restaurant Frantzén from the drawing table to Guide Michelin, awarded with three stars. He is both the… 

In this episode, Björn shares the recipe to one of his classic dishes which has its origins at now 3*** restaurant Frantzén. Here you will learn how to make the smoothest scrambled eggs, how to… 

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22 min

Björn shares yet another great dish from his restaurants. The iconic, “Onion, almond, liquorice”. Here you will learn more about the importance of balance between sweetness and acidity. In this dish… 

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13 min

In this episode, Björn shows one of the best ways to prepare and cook turbot, a extraordinary fish which requires a delicate hand. You ́ll also learn how to whip up a perfect, velvety beurre blanc.… 

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17 min

Here, Björn will teach you how to improve your pan-roasting game when it comes to preparing chicken. You will also make a modern twist on the classic velouté sauce flavored with sweetcorn.

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15 min

In this episode, Björn takes on a truly classic Nordic fish, the cod. It ́s cooked to perfection with a Frantzén twist. You will also experience the full spectra of the nutty, caramelized palate,… 

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23 min

Another Frantzén classic presented by Björn. The tartare of pan-seared rump of lamb. Here presented with Mediterranean flavors such as toasted cumin, lavender, roasted garlic, and hay.

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14 min

This episode is all about true Swedish flavors’ and ingredients. Björn will teach you his trick to make the crispiest salt roasted new potatoes. These are served with torched onions, a warm… 

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7 min

Björn prepares a super light dish with one of his favorite ingredients, the mackerel which has a wonderful texture when served raw. The seasoning is also light and fresh with citrus and a punch from… 

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13 min

In this dish, it ́s all about the lobster. Björn shows you how to prepare a fresh lobster from scratch and the cook it to perfection. You will also learn how to whip up the smoothest emulsion… 

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15 min

Björn reveals the secrets of preparing a high-quality beef and how to master one of the iconic sauces of French gastronomy, the truffle- packed, sauce Périgueux. Pure luxury and umami flavors!

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20 min

In this episode, we go way back in the history of the Swedish gastronomy to teach you how to prepare a proper low temperature braised neck of veal served with sticky, butter glazed carrots, and a… 

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From idea to world class – in just a couple of years time, Björn Frantzen has moved his restaurant Frantzén from the drawing table to Guide Michelin, awarded with three stars. He is both the innovator and the critic. Constantly questioning himself, constantly aiming for perfection. Born in 1977, Bjorn represents the young generation of successful chefs who are completely dedicated to their calling. Bjorn remembers how he at age 12 once was served a perfect steak, with french fries and béarnaise sauce – one of his very first strong culinary memories that came to inspire him in his career. He eventually started his journey towards stardom as an intern with Chef Christer Lingström at Edsbacka Krog.