worth paying for.

Starflow provides the infrastructure for creators to get paid, as well as ways to build relationships and provide content worth paying for to their fans.

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Content Monetization

Charge for a piece of content, enable a monthly subscription or release your art for free. You decide, and you set the rules.

Business Infrastructure

Tools, financials & other business basics to help you be a professional creator & connect with the fans that matter most.

Creative Freedom

Recurring and increased income means you can focus on creating while pleasing your fans with the content they enjoy.

Getting started is easy

01Become a Creator

Create an account and start building your creator page. Choose your membership levels, add an intro video and start uploading and monetizing your content. It’s really easy.

02Promote Your Launch

Whether you’ve completely finished building out your page or have simply started laying the groundwork, now is a great time to tell your fans about your launch.

03Grow Your Business

Use all of the tools provided in the creator dashboard to grow your business, increase your earnings, create better content and come closer to your fans.

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Keep your earnings for yourself

You keep80%

We keep20%

Run your business without limitations

Starflow works for every creator

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