Monetize your influence.

Delighting influencers and content creators by relentlessly delivering the platform that become essential to the way digital content is produced, distributed and monetized.

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Own your content & influence

Gain control and ownership over your own content and a new flexible channel for direct, improved and deepened engagement with your fans and followers. Creating both new and increased revenue streams and opportunities, improved feedback, measurability and control.

  • Analyze your fans

  • Create and monetize content

  • Cut unnecessary middlemen

  • Own your content

  • Improve relationship with fans


Get paid for creating content

Connect and access brands and paid campaigns that suit your channels and audience. Send proposals and accept campaign invites and get paid by the number of followers you have.

  • Discover and connect with brands

  • Create campaigns and tasks

  • Make proposals and offers

  • Get paid fast and securely


All your content, in one place.

Starflow aggregates all your digital content and brings it to one platform where you have full ownership, accessibility and control. Your followers will see all your content on the Starflow app, regardless of where you published it and it will be filtered and searchable.

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Starflow is great for value providers as well

All types of value providers and representatives who are committed to the empowerment of man in the new digital economy are invited to participate and integrate in the network.

  • Managers

  • Talent Agencies

  • Influencer Marketing Agencies

  • Multi-Channel Networks

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