Our mission

Create, establish and facilitate an open distributed ecosystem, inviting all participating parties, to engage and collaborate in the empowerment of man in the new distributed digital economy.

Power to the people

Starflow believes in valuing content, networks, brands and value creation. We are committed to creating a sustainable model for the future of the influencer and gig-economy by bringing smart property into the ecosystem, which includes maintaining value for content, respecting creativity and encouraging the active participation of creators.

Our team

We believe in the empowerment of man in the new distributed digital economy. Our team have been working on these issues since 2008, with the mission to bring the power back to the people online.


David Gabor

Despite his age, David has more than 8 years of experience from entrepreneurship within design and development of disruptive digital products. At Starflow, David uses his past experience and UX/UI design and development skills to lead the visionary work alongside with the product development that brings the visions to life. At age 20, David has already raised over $3M to Starflow to bring his vision to the world.


Ludvig Eriksson

For almost a decade Ludvig has been an integral part of building successful companies in the finance sector from scratch. At Starflow, Ludvig is using his skill set to ensure that Starflow’s great visions are transformed into action, by focusing on running the organization as effectively and qualitative as possible.


Johan Staël von Holstein

Johan is a notorious serial entrepreneur who has spent 20+ years challenging the status quo of numerous industries through digital innovation. At Starflow Johan is working with David by mentoring him and sharing his experience and network, helping to pave way for Starflow to become a true industry leader and success story.


Leonard Pauli

Leonard has been developing apps and web services for almost a decade, including several previous projects alongside David Gabor. At Starflow, Leonard is leading the development team, setting up the tech plan and ensuring that all parts, from design to architecture and back-end, comes together as one platform.


Ludwig Holm

Ludwig is an experienced digital designer with many recognised design projects in his portfolio, including companies such as Hyper Island, Stop LA, Garbergs and Oriflame. At Starflow, Ludwig is creating user interface design and experience with innovative and modern design, alongside with focus on creative features and solutions.


Valeria Viana Gusmao

Valeria comes with more than 9 years of experience from full-stack web development, working with high-load platforms handling millions unique visitors a month. At Starflow, Valeria is making sure that high quality code will form the base of Starflow’s network, focusing mostly on making the user interface as friendly and intuitive as possible.


Hugo LePrince

Hugo has a solid entrepreneurial background, spanning over creative advertising for companies wanting to build brand value in a social and digital world, as well as within HR services. At Starflow, Hugo creates smart campaign strategies to help brands maximize their influencer marketing investments and introduce brands to the right creators.


Oskar Sahlin

Oskar comes from the production industry, where he successfully has managed his own company specialized in live-action films and video. At Starflow, Oskar is in charge of all content production ensuring a constant stream of great content that will generate interest for Starflow, show legitimacy and build the brand.


Igor Belo

Igor joins Starflow from anewmission.org which is a social collaboration platform where he was responsible for managing company’s databases, servers and APIs. Prior to that, he has spent 5 years at Wine.com.br, where he built internal systems to improve people’s workflow and an e-commerce solution focused on B2B sales.


August Hernmarck

Before joining Starflow, August has spent the last 5 years working as the manager for PewDiePie, being part of creating a fantastic success story in “Influencer Marketing”. At Starflow, August is the manager for all Starflows creators under TALENT, working to find and set up suitable sponsor- and business opportunities for Starflows clients.


Johan Sellström

Johan is a highly experienced developer and architect with a number of successful ventures in his portfolio. From previous engagements, he’s built an impressive network ranging from tech to BD. At Starflow, Johan provides innovative ideas and knowledge through tech, leaning on agile best practices from several blockchain projects since 2014.


Johan Eriksson

With more than 20 years of experience, Johan is a full-stock marketing strategist and Blockchain promoter. At Starflow, Johan is engaging all the brilliant talent and energy that his co-workers possesses with old fashioned engineering and structure. Bringing change to how value is created, perceived and distributed.


Maksim Ivanov

Maksim has an impressive background in setting up processes that allow for delivering features with consistent pace and confidence in quality. At Starflow, Maksim is creating a tech environment that will allow newcomers to dive in and start contributing fast, without risk of introducing regressions, which will help avoid a lot of growth pains.


Vladimir Gorshunov

Vladimir has extensive experience from leading complex front-end projects for universities and interal admin panels. Furthermore, Vladimir has also been working on mobile and web apps for restaurants. At Starflow, Vladimir is working continually on improving front-end UX and UI alongside developing the mobile- and web app and back-end.


Maria Verbenko

Maria has 4+ years of experience working as a full-stack developer. She’s been successfully leading teams as a scrum master and product owneboth in Ukraine and Sweden. At Starflow, Maria is helping with establishing processes, planning and architecture, and making sure that the team is workineffectively towards the visions.


Elias Holm

With more than 10 years experience in music & film production and extensive experience of internet phenomena and social theory he has created various internet media sensations in varying forms and audience.  At Starflow Elias contributes to the team with his creative thinking and unconventional ideas. He acts bounty manager but also makes sure that our social feeds are frequently updated and that any questions consumers or investors might have get answered fast and thoroughly.


Nicholas Staël von Holstein

Nicholas has a strong history of working with social medias and has in the recent years become very active within the crypto currency sector. With his strong ambitions for blockchain technology, Nicholas has been elected to focus his time on interacting with the Starflow community as well as the crypto space itself.


Eric Bjers

Eric has been working since he was 15 within different types of sales and has through the years worked with both small and large companies. After graduating from high school he started working at Starflow and have been there since.


Theodor Wiese

Already at the age of 15, Theodor began working at different companies with roles ranging from being a football coach to being involved with one of Sweden's biggest car companies. He is driven and directly after high school he decided to study sales.


Anelis Redzic

Anelis has over ten years of experience in the investment management industry, investing in companies globally and co-managing funds with approx. $2,5bn in AUM. At Starflow, Anelis' mission is to keep investors informed of whatever is going on inside the company. We believe in a simple and clear relationship building in real-time where honesty, consistency and knowledge is at the epicenter.


Frida Renlund

Frida has been working the last 5 years in the PR & Event industry. During the years she worked with some of the most recognized brands and hosted some of the most prestigious events in Stockholm during this time. At Starflow, Frida is responsible for planning all the events that Starflow will attend.